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About AFIRMS Software

AFIRMS Software provides solutions designed specifically for Local Government, Higher Education and Not for Profit Organizations. Our Financial and Payroll/Personal Software Packages are designed around the Hewlett Packard HP-3000 Business Server Computer family. From the ground up our applications are designed specifically  for the unique requirements of the not-for-profit and public user.
An Integrated Solution

AFIRMS offers a complete Financial solution. Unlike many software packages that resemble an ala carte restaurant menu, our software includes all the modules needed for an integrated solution. Designed around the Image data base, all accounting and reporting functions are integrated into a single, easily customized package. 

Since the majority of most organization's expense comes from payroll and benefits, the AFIRMS Payroll/Personnel System was designed in parallel with the Financial system, to capture and distribute complex payroll expenses.

Why Hewlett Packard

From the inception exceptional reliability and stability have been a prime concern. No other vendor offers as stable and scalable platform as Hewlett Packard does with their HP-3000 family of business servers. We were fortunate 30+ years ago to have done our homework in selecting Hewlett Packard as our partner. Their prominent leadership in the computer industry today speaks for itself.

Over Thirty Years of Experience

Our history goes back to 1976 with the purchase of our first HP-3000. In addition to providing computer services to our then parent company, Cape Island Marina/Cold Spring Marine,  we founded Cape Data, an on-line service bureau for school districts in Cape May County, New Jersey area. Not able to find any suitable software, we started developing our own packages. Four years and many hours and dollars later the first AFIRMS Software packages  were introduced. At this point Cape Data was spun off from its parent. In 1984 a second office was opened in Reno, Nevada with an installed base that stretched from coast to coast. In 1987 Cape Data was sold, moved to Texas and promptly failed. Peter Somers, the founder of cape Data, and the author of the financial software, formed AFIRMS Software Incorporated at that point to insure uninterrupted support of our customers. Today, in addition to supporting and enhancing its original products, AFIRMS has developed PC and server based applications building on 30+ years experience.


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